Surgical Business History 


Mr. Rajesh B. Lahoti  is founder of NL Healthcare, he started this business in 1995. In 2000 we have shifted to our own office, before shifting goods were transported mainly from Mumbai. Mr. Rajesh in 2005 bought 250 sq ft shop which is well known by name Tirupati Surgicals. Our business mainly comprised of wholesale, rental and retail.


New products were introduced as time demanded. As business developed, 12 workers, 2 tempos and 2 managers were made part of the business to, handle and manage increasing work load. In 2004 Mr. Tushar S. Lahoti has joined who has done his MBA. His presence made a great influence in the development of business. As, he systematically handled clients and established firm relationship with customers.


To cope up with the increasing demand of the space Mr. Tushar has bought  1500 sq ft shop. "People who duplicate themselves have time for themselves –John Mason", even though this duplication took place, our leader didn’t find appropriate time for himself – indicating the potential of our business. In the year 2010 we started another firm named "Doctor and Patient World Chinchwad". This was started in a 500 sq ft showroom which was 25Km away from Pune. This is possible from the partnership between Mr. Rajesh B. Lahoti , Mr. Tushar S. Lahoti and Mr. Viresh K. Nyati. Since last couple of years, our 3 firms are running successfully.


Our man power consists, 3 leaders, 4 managers and 25 workers. Also we own 12 two-wheelers and 5 tempos (with advertisements on it ).With the help of Alma Mater , Shiv Khera courses we have learnt a lot and implemented acquired knowledge as best as we can. Success begins the moment we understand that life is all about beginning. So we are now joining hands with another visionary leader "Nyati Group" for reaching the topmost level in our business in Pune district, for creating our own brand 'NL Healthcare'.


With paperless office, information should flow through our organization as quickly and naturally as thought in a human being. Now we want to grow to a corporate level with systems working for us where in brand building, brand equity, strategic design, HR management will play an important role.


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